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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pirates Raid Prince Street! (contributed by Shannon Rice)

A "Pirate Boot Camp" was hosted from July 19 through July 23 by the Essex County Museum and Historical Society for children aged 5-12.

"To learn to dress, talk, share and eat like a pirate," was teh objective of the camp said Robert LaFollette, President of the ECMHS.

Throughout the week, children were taught to read compasses and tie nautical knots in addition to learning the history of the Rappahannock river and loal pirate legends. Otehr activities included creating trasure maps and pirate flags, as well as participating in skits about pirating.

Pirate Boot Camp concluded with a raid on Prince Street in Tappahannock. The young pirates invaded the Clerk of the Circuit Court, the Commissioner of Revenue, and the law office of Dillard and Katona to obtain their map and find treasure. After receiving their booty, they raided Rivahside Cafe and demanded food.

The Essex County Museum and Historical Society would like to thank Susan Butler-Walters, Catherine "Kitty" Price, Stephanie Stiles, Billy Croxton, Howard Reisinger and Kelly LaFollette for making the camp possible. A special thanks is also extended to Food Lion for donating the materials for the camp.

The possibility for another Pirate Boot Camp has yet to be determined, but keep checking the Museum Blog for updates!

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